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10 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2020

best mouse for small hands

Whether you’re a pro or a noob at gaming, a major deep hunt for the best wired/wireless gaming mouse is going to be your primary soon.

Well, today I’m here to solve this mystery of yours and help you get your hands on something incredible you have never experienced before ever!

Talking mainly about small hands which is the primary concern of this blog post today, let me at first tell you that the size of your hands and the size of the gaming mouse you are going to play with have a fundamental interrelation amongst each other.

Wondering HOW?

If the proportions of the gaming mouse you choose for yourself set well with the bulk area of your hand, you’re going to have a stronger grip and hence an amusing thrill! That’s how this phenomena works; so without any further ado lets explore more about the best gaming mouse for small hands by 2020.

Logitech G703- Elite Class Wireless Gaming MouseLogitech G703

The Logitech gaming mouse comes up with some remarkable features, out of which the most famous one is its induced laser tech. The lightspeed wireless technology is going to stun you with its fast response and professional attitude.

It has got the privilege to be the first gaming mouse to feature the new HERO sensor providing you with a sensitivity of up to 12,000 DPI with ultimate accuracy during your gaming. I once tried playing PUBG with this beast from Logitech, and I was so amused at the firm aiming capabilities this wireless mouse had, that enabled me to get 4 Chicken Dinners all in a row! Amazing; NO?

Next up, advanced power management. This wireless gaming mouse has got great talks on some forums regarding its HI and LO modes that enable you to compensate with the battery life in case you are short of power. The company claims that the two ways are to make the instrument get on a battery saving mode with zero impact on the performance; Well, THAT’S HARD TO BELIEVE!

Hosting tons of connectivity options, you can use this single piece of the wireless mouse to control dual devices for as long as you want! This is something I’m going to appreciate. Such an engineered system can save you the cost of a separate mouse for another of your PC or perhaps a laptop.

And how that happens? WITH JUST THE PRESS OF A BUTTON! Toggle and enjoy .

Inside the package apart from this 107g efficiently working device, you are going to get 2 AA sized batteries along with a LIGHTSPEED USB receiver and an extender cable allowing you to switch between the wired and the wireless mode with ease.

Overall, the feature I’m going to give some significant blues to is its lightweight contoured body that makes it easy to grip your hand over for hours without any discomfort! DON’T FORGET TO HAVE A CHECK ON THIS ONE!


  • Amazing Battery Life- 500 hours
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Six Programmable Buttons
  • No need to install additional software.
  • Suits medium and large sized hands too


  • I  honestly can’t say anything negative about this mouse.

Razer Naga Trinity- Incredibly Accurate Gaming MouseRazer Naga Trinity

Razer has now introduced innovation, giving all the necessary control to the user. Yes, you heard it right! THIS GAMING MOUSE IS CUSTOMIZABLE.

It feels like you are going to set up your mouse with tons of design options provided and about 16.8 million color ranges to choose from. Offering you more authority over your device, Razer here has dominated you with 3 interchangeable plates.

I won’t talk about each of the plates separately here because almost every of it has got its distinct features that you can extensively experience after getting hands on this device. I have never used it so I might not be able to describe the extreme joy you get playing on board with this small hand gaming mouse by shifting between one plate and the other.

The thing I would mention over here is the 2, 7 and 12 buttons interface provided on the plates; you can go for either of the three depending upon the in-game commands involved during your gaming.

On this right-handed device, the side buttons are carefully positioned for easy access and brightened accuracy. With the 5G Optical Sensor deal with a sensitivity of about 16,000 DPI so no need to worry if the battles get intense and you have to get your way out of the fire!

Naga Trinity fell in significant competition with the Naga Hex v2, and more of the users got confused between the two choices since both of these were found to work exceptionally and were almost dittos of each other. The recent update in regard to the programmable buttons made Naga Trinity stand out amongst all the different lineup versions hence winning the races and the hearts of many!

Final words would include a massive appreciation for its self-calibration technique that had made many clients happy, though that’s not the only reason for its high fame out there! GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS ONE AND…. THANK ME LATER!


  • Powered by Razer Synapse
  • Experience total control in your hand
  • Up to 19 fully programmable buttons


  • A little overpriced for some.

Corsair Scimitar Pro Rgb- All Devices Compatible Gaming Mouse

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB

This one’s got a good lead in this list because of the excellent success CORSAIR has made for the past two years in the field of improvement. The design of this device brought to practice keeping in mind the hand size of an average person which is 7.44 inches roughly.

Corsair Scimitar Pro has got the power to take your gaming to yet another level offering sensitivity orders of about 16000 DPI. I have tried playing FORTNITE for almost about 6 hours including some Photoshop work and internet browsing using this best-wired gaming mouse and didn’t experience any tiredness or stress in my arm due to a long hour of work. SO, ITS GOING TO WORK GREAT FOR YOU TOO FELLOW!

For you to easily adjust with the mouse, a key slider system has provided on the side that allows you to slide the keys up to 8mm and securely lock them at that position. KEEP EVERY KEY WITHIN RANGE! And further, enhance your gaming productivity introducing new playstyles into the missions.

Enhancing grip and control to further extend, 12 mechanical side buttons have also installed that let you dominate more of your game features all from a single piece of the device!

THE BEST THING about this gaming mouse for small hands is that it can fit on any mouse pad. You don’t need to buy the high-end ones for this device to land. A user two weeks ago on a blog post posted a review regarding this mouse with a beautiful picture that had a cotton cloth beneath the device, and this amazed me!


  • The buttons are more significant than the Naga
  • The alternating texture of the buttons is a nice feature too.
  • More comfortable
  • Easy grip


  • Many people are claiming the set up is hard; it’s not.
  • Not much durable

Benq Zowie Ec2-A- Plug And Play Gaming MouseBenQ Zowie EC2-A

You have ever been so lazy that you want to play with your device right after it arrives at the door? This one perfectly suits the lazy people out there! No need to go through the tiring software installation, plugin into your PC and start playing!

It’s exclusively for the right-handed people, with a stunning build and a handsome design. There are about two sizes available to select the one that fits your hand size best! A medium and a large one. Though the brand claims the medium one to match the small hand size like that of women too, I slightly doubt that. The large one would suit all the office men; for sure!

To help you operate the mouse smoothly and precisely, it has got a firm grip and allows your fingertips to hold and cover your device for comfortable gaming. You can either observe the claw or the palm gesture and play for as long as you want to!

A 2m cable has also provided along with the mouse in case you want to convert it into a wired device. Four options which include 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3200 DPI have allotted to this lineup version from BenQ. Now it’s your choice which one you want to go.

THE MOST PROMINENT FEATURE I would like to mention at the end is that the mouse is weighted perfectly at around 80-85g.. not too light, and not too heavy. The shape is very comfortable in hand. The EC shape is the PERFECT shape for accommodating ANY style of grip whether it be palm, claw, fingertip or a hybrid.


  • No drivers needed, plug and play
  • Ergonomic design exclusively for right-handed users
  • 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3200 DPI adjustment
  • High level of compatibility


  • Sensitivity level is a bit low

Razer Diamondback- Best Multi-Gestured MouseRazer Diamondback

Razer has engineered this durable piece of tech with the most efficient features. Not only has made it’s exterior remarkable but the internal functioning is stunning as well. Let’s check out what’s got so much talk in the market about this one.

After many updates to this model of the razer, the shape remained the same. AND WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR THIS? The versatility involved in the design!

Whether you are a left-handed or a right-handed player,  hold this thing into your hand and start your arcade gaming. Flip, claw, palm or fingertip; compatible with every of the user’s gesture. It delivers extraordinary accuracy with about 16000 DPI Sensitivity level.

Create your playing environment using tons of customizable lighting effects provided. The chroma technology-induced in the device is to maximize your gaming thrill further and give you the feel of the real battleground!

I’m so astonished by the strategical placement of buttons on either side of Razer Diamondback, that can easily be programmed and actuated to bring in action any command you want to use there within the game.

Play at your very best in all instances using this gaming beast! Though not much customizable, this device has been designed to match the hand size of an average 18 plus gamer. I’m so sure the high-level players are going to adore this one!


  • Comfortable grip for a long hour use
  • Compatible with all windows types
  • Solid built and lightweight design
  • Attractive lighting effects


  • Commanding buttons are less in number.

Logitech G Mx518- Pixel Precise Gaming Mouse For Small HandsLogitech G MX518

For all those searching for a budget-friendly offer with high sensitivity to ensure efficient gaming, this is your perfect choice! Talking mainly about the design, minimum buttons and a prominent distance between the two front clicks is a bonus for the pro gamers.

The placement of buttons on this device is very strategic and can be useful during commands execution.

The only thing I won’t appreciate much is the un-attractive color scheme that may not be much pleasing to the eyes, but you surely have to compromise a little if you are getting an ideal budget deal. For all the thrill loving gamers, I won’t suggest you go for this one because it has almost zero lightning effect and hence won’t delight you much.

In terms of sensitivity, this device is fantastic! With the HERO sensor induced inside, this mouse can offer you with a sensitivity as high as 16000 to the maximum. With such high precision, I’m sure you won’t have to return as a loser from the battleground by missing aim at the target for once!

Using Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) or Logitech G HUB, save up to 5 profiles consecutively inside the device and make as many connections as you want to without having to repeat the whole installation procedure.

I guess you would love playing around with this 32-bit ARM Processor device since it’s going to impress you highly with its extraordinary reliability. Oh yes, durability is another added pro!


  • 8 customizable buttons
  • Legendary shape
  • High-performance HERO sensor
  • Your actions executed as quickly as you can click the buttons.


  • Unattractive color scheme

Logitech G903- Supercharging Capability Wireless MouseLogitech G903

This is yet another exciting model from Logitech but with a much legendary design! Though it has got many thrills with the pleasing lightning effects when we compare the hand positioning comfort for both, the former one wins the race!

The click rates for this device are so furious; the function abruptly gets accomplished, the second you click on the button. For targeting purposes, the induced technology features a 1ms report rate that is almost the same as found in other mice on this list.

Apart from incredible responsiveness, this device has got almost zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration across the entire DPI range from 200 to 12,000DPI. Though the maximum sensitivity range for this one is a bit lower than the 16k devices still, it won’t affect your gaming sessions much!

Logitech G903 can use by both the left as well as the right-handed people. This benefit can accredit to the button layout configuration tech involved in its design scheme. You can adopt any plan that suits your play best and get along with any of the gestures which include the palm, claw and fingertip grips.

As a bottom line, I’m much impressed by the technique Logitech utilized by which each component inside this powerful device was analyzed to make it weight around 110 grams only! CHECK THIS ONE OUT FELLOW!


  • Optimized to reduce weight while maintaining stability
  • Customizable Brilliant RGB
  • LIGHTSYNC lighting effects
  • Works With Powerplay Wireless Charging System


  • Powerplay Wireless Charging System sold separately

Logitech G203 Prodigy- Absolute Productivity Rate Wired MouseLogitech G203 Prodigy

Again, another one; but with more efficient responsiveness! This one launched behind the idea of upgrading the advanced gaming-grade performance for mice in this price range. I won’t talk much about the history holding that idea, but it generally brought up after customers weren’t much satisfied with the productivity rate.

Now you can execute the commands during gaming without the need of much force for the abrupt clicking of the mouse buttons. The phenomena of Advanced Button Tensioning involved would never make your hand go uncomfortable even during long hours of use.

Versatility, durability, and comfort go hand in hand over here, along with a classic mouse design that is surely going to impress you. There is a scroll fitted inside the right and left click buttons that though sounds a lot nostalgic but won’t be friction producing like those mice back then. A very smooth, consistent design re-engineered to create ease for users of all ages.

This easy interface is particularly a benefit for the old users who can’t get much used to the advanced button schemes. Cutting-edge 6000 dpi sensitivity rate gives you incredible accuracy, tracking speed, and control no matter whatever is your style of gameplay.

Well, how can I forget mentioning its 6 action buttons configured for any game command or even multi-action functioning instantaneously!


  • Brilliant lighting from up to 16.8 million colors
  • Game-driven lighting effects for over 300 titles
  • Switch between up to 4 sensitivity settings
  • Onboard Memory


  • This gaming mouse is wired

Corsair Harpoon- Lightweight Design MouseCORSAIR Harpoon

Well, let me start this review with a piece of very delightful news for you! This mouse is priced very economically at just below 40 dollars, and that’s even lesser than the Logitech G MX518. Great, no?

Another brilliant thing about CORSAIR Harpoon is its well-contoured body. And what was the logic behind holding such a design? A gamer much surely knows! Contoured build helps in improving the grip you are going to have on the device and hence ultimately taking you the battlefield, all prepared.

Apart from the confident hold, this mouse to supports all types of gestures. Hold it whatever way you want to and start enjoying the best of it. Onboard memory is another extensive feature that saves your time for adjusting the settings again and again while using it for different devices.

You can save almost 5 profile settings at one time on this device and later, plugin and start playing! Six fully-programmable buttons along with a scroll in the mid giving you that feel of classic playing and making it easy for you to get used to it.

The easy user interface, durability, and precise response rate to deliver you with excellence at the instant you click the required button on the device. This mouse is having a wide range of compatible options, is also highly friendly with Xbox One and hence enables you to play mouse functioning games well.


  • Featuring a 6000 DPI optical gaming sensor
  • Advanced tracking for precise control
  • Contoured design to support the quickest of movements
  • High-speed motion detection
  • No drivers, software or additional setup required.


  • Not made for the wireless gaming team out there!

Asus Rog- Ergonomic Design Best Gaming MouseAsus Rog

Must have heard of ASUS before? If not, let me tell you that ASUS is one of the leading brands when it comes to technology. No best computer tech related reviews ever got completed without mentioning a brand from the ASUS!

ASUS ROG has done quite a lot of strategic planning in producing a mouse that is certified to look and work like a pro! Featuring nearly an endless spectrum of colors, to make your gaming even more delightful and fun and to further maximize the thrill, Configurable magnetic side buttons have also introduced.

At least I haven’t seen a mouse as trendy as this one, noticeable even from meters away shining brightly on your PC Table. Another good thing is that you don’t have to get a customizable pad sheet for this device. It can adjust and start working fine with any pad you a lot to it.

You further equipped with 7200 DPI, 150 IPS and 30g acceleration for fast and accurate tracking. Though the maximum sensitivity rate is a bit lower than the mice I mentioned on this list, still that won’t lead you to miss your targets, not even a single of them!

I would suggest this gaming mouse to the hobbyists looking for a decent, excellent device to get into use. Happy playing!


  • Supports multi gestures
  • Exclusive trendy design
  • Comfortable built


  • Sensitivity might be an issue for some; though I doubt its ever going to bother you much!


So that’s all about the TOP 10 BEST gaming mouse for small hands. I hope by now you may be very clear which one to opt for according to the budget you have in mind and your needs/demand.

Also, this greatly depends upon the type of work you currently occupied with or the gaming you would be dealing with during competitions.

I have kept in mind all those minute details and compiled the list according to the standards observed for a Beginner, A hobbyist, An enthusiast as well as a PRO.

Someone who has just started gaming and just landed on the battlefield could also do great with the models mentioned in this list. I will be updating the topic in case I get to know any other one that stands best as a gaming mouse except these 10.

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