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8 Best Laptop Backpacks For Travel 2020


Choosing a laptop backpack depends on your needs. Some need it for college, others for work, and so on. This article is particularly about the best laptop backpacks for travel.

Based on quality, material, style, and warranty, we selected a list for you to pick from.

Again, we must remind you that you will have to evaluate according to your needs. If you are looking for a laptop backpack for business travel, you might want something stylish and lightweight. If you are going somewhere thrilling like high in the mountains, you might want to focus on strong material and durability while double-checking the warranty.

Important points to keep in mind while buying Laptop Backpack


The extent of your laptop backpack ought to be sufficiently expansive to perfectly hold your laptop and essentials, yet little also slim enough to fit in an overhead container.

Inward compartments preferably should have ample space to fit your laptop and charger yet, in addition, all your crucial necessities including your wallet, glasses, keys, and the various things you depend on, to make sure you don’t need an extra wallet or something for them.

The size of the laptop backpack is needless to mention, dependent on the size of your laptop. They usually have a devoted, cushioned compartment to hold the laptop securely, so it’s vital to ensure that take expansive enough.

Standard size measurements incorporate 15-, 16-, and 17-inch laptop compartments.


Since the laptop and the majority of their important gear can be burdensome to carry around, your laptop backpack should be as lightweight as possible for ease.

The laptop backpack should allow you to work during travel yet not weigh you down unnecessarily at the same time. Laptop backpacks are intended to be convenient, and so it should ensure that you are able to use it with maximum comfort and productivity.

The bottom line, your laptop backpack should be comfortable no matter how you intend to use it.

Material and Durability

The dimension of assurance your laptop backpack is a standout among all the other features it has. Your laptops need assurance from scratches and drops, yet in addition to the wet climate.

A number of the absolutely best laptop backpacks available are made utilizing waterproof (or possibly water resistant) material that will shield your laptop from the components and make them simple to clean.

Ensure that the material your laptop backpack is made out of is secure, impervious material so that it won’t tear or tear, leaving your laptop powerless external damages.

Meshed backs, bent back frameworks, and cushioned compartments and straps are additionally valuable backpack features that prevent you from becoming a sweat-soaked while carrying all your heavy things in an unbearably hot climate.

Handles and Straps

The excellence of a laptop backpack is that it leaves your hands free for carrying coffee, browse on your phone, or clutching your plane ticket. It’s fundamental that your laptop backpack has solid, strong ties that will carry all the weight you put in it without exhausting your shoulders.

Comfort is the priority. Handles and straps ought to sit serenely on your shoulders. They ought to have the capacity to convey the heaviness of the pack easily and not begin to come free or endure the creases.

Straps and handles ought to likewise be customizable so you can locate the most important stuff that doesn’t cause back strain or hassle.

Laptop Compartment and Pockets

A brilliant laptop backpack ought to have various pockets and spaces to store the majority of your things.

The laptop compartment itself must be very much cushioned to guarantee that your gadget remains careful from pushes (from crowds) and consistent damage.

Extra pockets ought to be deliberately contrived to guarantee that they can hold your chargers and links without squashing or tangling them. There ought to be similar to a decent assortment of interior pouches that can be hurdled up tight to protect USB sticks and other small gadgets/essentials.

There should be enough space for your wallet, keys, and telephone, all kept securely far from the laptop compartment to abstain from scratching or harm as you reach in to grab whatever you need.

While there are numerous, diverse laptop backpacks available to look over, only some of them truly measure up.

This list will also help you in researching the best laptop backpack for travel trends. Nylon, padded mesh, multiple compartments, spaciousness; these are what you might find in most of the ‘Top Ten’ lists almost everywhere.

Your laptop requires serious care while traveling. Especially when you are taking it out for TSA screening and all. Therefore, choose wisely and patiently to make sure your most prized possession in well-protected wherever you go.

1: Pacsafe Venturesafe (Best Laptop Backpacks for travel)

pacsafe backpackThose who travel often shouldn’t make things too easy for thieves. Pacsafe bags (as the name suggests) put full focus on security! The modern outlook and low weight synthetics of the laptop backpack do not make it obvious, but it is indeed every pick pocket’s nightmare!

So we see that Pacsafe added unique features; it has a wide net to protect the inside compartment of the bag even if the outer packing is damaged. Also, you can lock up all integral compartments with a single lock as they all are joined at a single point.

A few models like the Pacsafe provide a cable lock that enables you to secure all external sections at the same time or even tie your laptop backpack to a safe place in a hostel or train.

Not surprisingly, each bag is equipped with a security zipper which keeps it safe from violent external damages and snatchers, bad weather, and so on. The carrying straps have steel wires fixed in to prevent the straps from suddenly breaking and ruining your day. This often happens during travel when you have to pass through crowded areas or areas with bad weather.

Pacsafe tries its best to allow you to stay carefree without holding your backpack near yourself 24/7. That’s why manufacturers have pre-protected the laptop backpack’s contents with their foresight!

It’s best if nothing unfortunate should happen during your travel. Though if something does happen, additional practical utensils like security wire nets which you can put over any pack for covering every one of the compartments. For the most imperative things like money, passports, and smartphones Pacsafe offers useful Travel Safes.

Pascale isn’t made of steel of course, but its security functions work as though it were made of it!

2: Hynes Eagle 38L

Hynes EagleHynes Eagle is the number one brand for casual, school, or travel use.

Hynes Eagle laptop backpacks are roused by urban portability and stand out due to their simplicity yet impactfulness. While making new packs, Hynes Eagle focused on quality materials, design, and the functionality guarantee Hynes Eagle has made the ideal pack for you.

It is made of polyester to make sure that it is not affected by possible damage and is designed to be of a suitable size for flight above head storages.

Hynes comes in 3 graceful colors according to buyers’ top preferences. A notable feature is that is can transform into a duffel from a backpack in about a blink of an eye!

The new version comes with sternum straps for stability and has a new cool looking logo. The adjustable padded shoulder straps make it comfortable along with 1 top and 1 side handle make it the laptop backpack comfortable and easy to use.

It is spacious enough to hold not only your laptop and essential belongings, but has compartments for your gadgets as well!

Moreover, it has compression buckle straps that make it possible to adjust itself according to your height! How cool it that?

Oh, don’t miss out on the fabric care instructions though. It recommended that you hand-wash it instead of all other options. Your laptop and your laptop backpack both deserve your care!

3: Inateck 40L Travel Backpack

InaTeck Travel BagMain Features:

Main compartment and opening — Designed for travel, the Inateck Business Travel pack has a clamshell opening for the primary compartment making it simple to pack and unload.

It has a spacious compartment that can store all your garments for a multi-night trip. Size is about 32 L. It is a portable size for flights yet at the same time sufficiently substantial for your travel needs (like the Cotopaxi Allpa 35). Along the end of the main compartments are 2 mesh pockets (not much versatile) but is useful for adding small items.

Grab handles — One of the most pleasant things about this sack is the basic things. There are two handles — one on top and one beside and this leaves a huge positive impact on buyers as it makes the laptop backpack comfortable to use (not hurting your hands while holding it and all).

Tech compartment — Behind the primary compartment is a substantial-tech compartment with a gigantic laptop sleeve and a huge tablet sleeve as well.

The laptop sleeve fits a 17″ machine on the likelihood that you would like to travel with one thing that spacious.

The laptop sleeve fits a 13″ laptop which is the size of commonly used ones these days.

The sleeves themselves have cushioning woven into them (in the backspace and between the laptop and tablet sleeves).

4: Tigernu Laptop backpack

Tigernu Travel Laptop BackpackThe Tigernu laptop backpack has four main features:-


The Tigernu has a soft, padded compartment for a 15.6 inched laptop (main pocket on the back) along with pouches for your water bottle and umbrella as well! The umbrella pouch is added in case the country or area you are travelling to is a rainy one.

Moreover, there is an earphone pocket as well, and also a space on the right strap for sunglasses!

The front section will surprise you with lots of other pouches and compartments!

Ergonomic structure

Thickened shoulder ties, handle, and back is structured to adjust the weight on your spine when you have put just way too much stuff in it.

Top-notch Quality material

Made of 210D nylon and polyester, solid, lightweight, water safe and breathable.

Theft resistant

Hidden pocket in the back and 2-zipper layers as wise your assets covered up.

5: KOPACK Deluxe Black

KOPACK Deluxe Black Water Resistant Laptop BackpackIt’s a small cost for your peace of mind. It has a lot of pockets for all your essentials to easily fit in. Its smooth structure mixes well with the laptop surface. It is lightweight yet ergonomically intended to deal with the heaviness of the laptop.


The Kopack Slim business is theft-resistant and looks formal enough to go with your professional outlook while traveling.

The black version, in particular, is stylish to earn itself a place as a regular travel partner!

You can fit a laptop as large as 15.6″ inches in the laptop compartment at the back. It is made of scratch-proof nylon. Yet, it’s not splashproof. Tigernu is accessible in both black and grey.

This nightmare of burglars comprises of four primary pockets. The one nearest to your back is a padded laptop compartment. It’s a thin space where you can perhaps fit in some documents as well.

The second compartment after that is a roomy coordinator. It has a protective tablet sleeve, some open pockets, and a zipped pocket on the divider for valuables. Another compartment is a tight space with openings for pens, cards, mobile phones and so on.. It likewise has a work pack for putting away medicines and other small things you might need while travelling. It has about 10+ pockets in total.

There’s a little zipper in the front and a bottle pouch too. The bent shoulder lashes are ergonomically made They are movable, cushioned, and lined in work underneath, similar to the back of the anti-theft laptop. This keeps the laptop backpack comfortable on your shoulders and gives your body a chance to relax. There’s a small pouch on the side of the backpack body where your headphone, mobile phone, and sunglasses can safely sit inside!

Security Features

The Kopack Slim has various shrouded pockets to store your stuff. The double-layer zipper that pulls over the fundamental compartments can be secured utilizing the TSA lock. Locks are not available with the laptop backpack. The impenetrable zippers cannot be damaged even with sharp instruments. The shoulder ties are connected to the pack over the laptop compartment. So once you wear the backpack, the ties further lock down the laptop compartment.

The Kopack Slim workstation sack is water-resistant too! This is an ideal anti-theft backpack with a tough pack in each part: body, zippers, ties, and so on.

Capable of handling ordinary devices, this laptop backpack has a dedicated compartment for your laptop and tablet, and extra storage space to suit your needs

It is both slim and sleek suited for both travel and at work.

6: Solo Duane 15.6 Inch Laptop

Solo DuaneSolo Duane’s speciality is that it is 2 in 1! It is both a briefcase and a backpack. It can be transformed easily even while you are at the airport!

When not in use, the straps fold in and sit comfortably into the compartments revealing the true beauty of its black, sleek design when at rest.

The Duane Hybrid Briefcase Backpack comes in two hues — dark and dim. It is a ‘hybrid’ pack since it has straps that can be covered up away so as to give you an increasingly proficient looking case for your laptop and other essentials.

The case is made essentially with polyester and highlights two front pockets apart from the main compartment. The major compartment can hold up to a 15.6″ laptop in its completely cushioned laptop sleeve and a tablet (up to 10 inches) inside its tablet stash. The laptop backpack has a substantial limit with regards to various essentials, yet it is as yet lightweight just weighing 2.1 pounds while it’s vacant. The measurements are 12.5″ x 17″ x 5″.

It’s a good deal against the price you pay. Its nothing less than a bargain for those who evaluate the features properly!

There is plenty of space for all your stuff no matter if they are for work, travel, or study.

Top of all there is a 5-year warranty, the manufacturer was thoughtful enough to give you this leverage as well! It’s impactful; all colleagues, friends, travel buddies are usually left impressed by the Solo Duane’s beauty!

7: Incase EO Travel Backpack

Incase EO Travel BackpackYou know, there are a variety of travel backpacks out there. Some are intended to supplant your enormous ole’ bag, and others to be the ideal portable luggage. Be that as it may, not a great deal of them are intended for tech lovers, which is where Incase EO comes in.

This is a definitive tech lover travel laptop backpack. It has a lot of astounding highlights for every one of you that like to convey more gadgets than garments. Also, it’s the extent of normal portable luggage, yet it’s a lot lighter than a conventional 21″ bag. In this way, in the event that you are as of now contemplating supplanting your old lightweight suitcase, you’ve gone to the perfect spot.

The EO Travel Backpack from Incase is intended to look great and be staggeringly practical. You can undoubtedly fit up to a 17-inch laptop in the cozy encompasses of the cushioned sleeve.

There’s additionally a different slip pocket to house your iPad moving, just as an assortment of interior compartments to keep all your everyday stuff sheltered.

The astutely structured tech compartment has a helpful butterfly design that opens enough for quick and simple airplane terminal security remains completely secured while you go through the scary scanner.

Incase EO is produced using triple covered, too solid material rendering it safe from all sorts of adverse weather conditions. The cushioned backboard and sternum lash take into consideration comfort and stability wherever you’re going.

8: 17 Inch Laptop Backpack, MATEIN TSA

Matien TSAMatein Travel bag is not only budget-friendly but is the Amazon top seller in the travel category. It has a separate laptop compartment added to other sufficient storage space.

Accessible in seven colors, this backpack is the perfect pick for any age, and has a lot of room inside it. There is a separate compartment to hold a laptop or tablet, which will suit gadgets up to 15.6″ in size. The main compartment is expansive and there is another front compartment that encapsulates a few smaller pockets.

A USB charging cord and baggage lash can attach to its portable handle. For durability and toughness, Martin’s travel backpack is the most reliable.

There are numerous other functions of the laptop too.

The zippers all meet up at a central point for locking which makes the laptop backpack more secure. The secret anti-theft pocket is best for keeping your passport, wallet, tablets, or other gadgets/necessities safe. And the USB port also makes life easier by allowing you to charge on the run.

This remarkable, multi-functional laptop backpack has a padded carrying handle, lockable zipper, shoulder straps that can be adjusted according to need, breathable/water-resistant material which allows airflow; all that makes using the laptop backpack a wonderful experience.

It designed in such a way that weight is distributed evenly around your back to make sure that it is comfortable no matter how much load the backpack is carrying. Above that, the straps are remarkably strong and durable.

Conclusive Thoughts

In case you’re searching for a laptop backpack that will sit easily on your shoulders, give plentiful assurance, and look great, any of the above will possess all the necessary qualities. While many influential brand names do offer unrivaled quality at a more expensive rate point, there are some incredible cost-friendly alternatives as well.

One thing is for sure, a laptop backpack is an absolute necessity for anybody in a hurry with and with a laptop. Protect your belongings, look proficient, and keep your back comfortable by picking the suitable laptop backpack for your travels.

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