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22 Special Panda Gifts For Panda Lovers


What’s black and white, resembles a teddy bear and sleeps all day long? Any guesses? Well, pandas have more fans than Taylor Swift and Jesus Christ combined.

Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, but still, they do have millions of lovers around the world who keep asking Santa for pet pandas. Adolescent girls and overgrown babies love them the most.

The thing is, despite the fact that pandas eat and sleep all day long (And also drop gigantic turds), people can’t have enough of these overrated creatures.

Still, you love what you love and so, if you want to find the perfect gift for a panda loving human, you’ll find the best ones here.

Although, if you’re thinking of gifting them a real-life panda, forget about it. China won’t allow it.

So, finger your mouse like you mean it and scroll down to find the next best thing.

Top Pick Gifts for Panda Lovers

1. Panda Feelings Sweatshirt

Panda Feelings Sweatshirt Gifts for Panda LoversEven though they may spend most of their panda time snoozing, they, like us, have feelings. Fat shame a baby panda in front of his mother and you’ll see.

For those who adore this creature this sweatshirt design is a great way to relate and make others relate to those panda feelings.

The design is minimalistic and attractive. Making it a likeable gift for any panda lover. I mean, who couldn’t use a cute panda feeling t-shirt for charming purposes?

You can gift this to anyone who wears clothes. This is one of the special gifts for Panda Lovers.

2. Panda Coffee Mug

Panda Coffee MugWhat panda lover wouldn’t want to see this when making a cup of coffee early in the morning? There is no better way (Not considering sex and such kind of fun) to start the day.

Printed coffee mugs are out of fashion now. They have been since the industrial age. And unless they’re awesomely creative, they are considered as lame gifts.

Something like this, on the other hand, is always appreciated. It’s cute and has style. You panda loving recipient will adore the panda dump out of this.

3. Panda Piggy Bank

panda-piggy-bankHumans use diverse forms of means to express their creativity. Some paint, some write, some invent computers and some find ways to make piggy banks interesting.

Think about how much money one will end up saving up just to see this panda come out like a gold-digging trophy wife and grab their money.

Once they realize the treasure they’ve amassed, they’ll call you and thank you and may even gift you a BMW.

Lotteries are for losers. Be smart. Give this to enough recipients and you will end up rich.

4. Panda Cellphone Purse

panda-multicolor-handbagWomen need accessories for everything. And some guys take advantage of this fact and make millions. Imagine how much the guy who invented the selfie stick made. I bet he lives in a castle and bathes in wine.

Cellphone purses are handy. You don’t have to put the bulky seven-inch phones in your jean pocket and they can be stylish.

We all love gifts that we can actually put to practical use rather than the stuff with some abstract application that’s not easy to imagine.

Give them something they can instantly see themselves using and they’ll be happy. This panda phone purse does exactly that. Simple is effective.

5. Optimistic Panda Poster

panda-philosophy-posterEveryone procrastinates once in a while, some more than others. Missed deadlines, a truckload of pending tasks and unmet goals can be discouraging.

Research suggests that procrastinating, when not overdone is essential for creative breakthroughs. After all, the ideas that pop up first in your mind are seldom the best ones. The original, innovative ideas come when the subconscious gets the time to work on these problems and come up with a better alternative.

Although if you do it too much, you don’t get any work done. There’s a middle ground when good things happen.

Gift your procrastinator friend this and tell them about this process. This panda poster will cheer them up and get them working whenever they see it and they’ll be grateful.

6. Swearing Pandas Adult Color Book

swearing-pandas-bookChances are that you don’t need any help to learn how to swear, but swearing is inherently funny and part of our lives.

Besides, it’s hilarious to see a panda cartoon swear. I can write a TV show based on the concept alone.

Gifts like these fascinate and delight because they are unexpected. We all love surprises (Not the ones when you find out your spouse is cheating on you, but you get the point.).

Anyway, if someday, when they’re bored and lonely and need to cheer up they can use this book as a sort of therapy. Working with your hands really calms down the mind.

7. Panda Alarm Clock

panda-alarm-clockSome would argue that alarm clocks are outdated. That they will be very soon the relics of the past. I say let us stick to alarm clocks for now.

Your smartphone may do the job, but it’s not perfect. Most people just abuse the technology and set up multiple alarms just in case.

Anyway, specialization is always better than multitasking. An alarm clock is more likely to make you get up from bed because by habit you learn that that is its job. Apart from telling you what time it is, it has the sole purpose of waking you up and your brain learns to follow the pattern.

The phone, on the other hand, you learn to avoid. An alarm is just another one of the hundreds of nagging notifications it throws at you.

Pass on this lecture on a beautiful note while you gift this panda alarm clock to your recipient.

8. Panda Bear Plant Pot

panda-plant-potI’ll admit, this panda pot looks more like a lazy, harmless Pokemon, but you won’t find a better gift for a panda lover who is passionate about gardening.

When two of our interests meet in a single object, it has much more impact than a thing related to a single interest.

This will make an impressive gift for someone who has a garden and likes pandas. They’ll like this one the best out of any other gifts on the list.

If you are a follower of Science of Gifts, you must have read more of such psychology tips about gift-giving. Hope you’re getting better at this. If not, just leave the selection to me and look up the website when you need.

9. Panda Stationery Set

panda-stationary-setIf your recipient is of the legal driving age then look for something else. Don’t go on giving this stuff to the adults, well, unless they’re just overgrown babies who still watch cartoons and think the world is fair.

This panda stationery set will make a fine gift for schoolgirls who love pandas. That is unless they’ve reached that age where they become mean. They’ll hate it if you’re the one that brought them to this world. There’s nothing you can do about it.

If you don’t meet the conditions above, they’ll like it and they’ll use it. Who can say no to pandas in a pouch?

10. Panda Themed Night Light

panda-night-lightNight lights are cool. They have a sense of warmth about them. I’m not saying that they literally keep you warm, just that the faint light makes everything look less ugly.

People decorate their homes with these things, so night lights as gifts are always appreciated.

Even if your target hasn’t thought about getting one yet or was too lazy, they’ll like it and wonder why hadn’t they bought one like this already.

Add to that the panda-themed design and you have a no-fail gift.

11. Wooden Panda Dolls

wooden-panda-dollsIf you want to find an ideal gift for a person just pay attention to details from their lives. The clothes they wear, the people they hang out with, their rooms and more.

Say it’s for someone who likes to be surrounded by beauty and loves decorating their home. It will be full of handpicked decors.

This panda wooden dolls will only beautify the place even more and they’ll appreciate this as a present. And if they like pandas you have a double impact gift that they’ll be impressed with.

12. Panda Philosophy Poster

panda-philosophy-posterThey say laughter is the best medicine. Well, humour does have its benefits. And given the fact that the mind and the body go hand in hand when it comes to one’s well being, you better get used to having a good laugh once in a while.

Posters like these tend to cheer us up when we can use a laugh. In the moments of stress, you see something as silly as this and the problems seem to be solvable.

Gifts which are funny tend to be memorable. Humour is a good memory tool and they’ll remember you every time they see the poster and smile.

Not a bad way to associate your image to happiness in their mind. This funny panda poster will make a good gift for any panda lover with a wall.

13. Panda Squishies

panda-squishiesLife can be stressful, figuring out the right way to live has been something, not even the biggest philosophers have been able to nail down (Look at how Neistche ended up.)

Even Tony Soprano ended up going to a therapist when he couldn’t handle the stress. I’m not saying your recipient has got to be a mob boss who gets panic attacks, but for a panda loving civilian with occasional bouts of stress, this will make a fine gift.

Anyway, pandas are cute and girls want to cuddle them to death, which they can’t obviously because of the risk of being mauled by one who doesn’t welcome to embrace and also the fact that they’ll have to go to China to do it.

So, on the practical side, this will do. Gift them a couple or more if you want.

14. Panda Leaf Bookmarks

panda-leaf-bookmarksThose passionate about books, the ones who can’t leave without a couple of books every time they step into a bookstore, will love getting bookmarks as gifts, especially creative ones like these.

And a reader who likes pandas will be impressed by your thoughtfulness at finding these.

You get four Chinese bookmarks made out of real natural veins of leaves. They look cool and are much more interesting than your regular bookmarks.

I’m sure your panda loving friend will love this.

15. Talking Panda Toy

talking-panda-toyWe, humans, love people who are like us. It’s the law of conformity.

We find someone who conforms to our opinions charming. It has its applications in the functioning of human societies. Imagine cavemen fighting over their choice of bird sounds when they are supposed to be out co-ordinating on a hunt.

This panda mimics whatever you say, he wants to be loved and for people to treat him like a human.

This will make an amusing gift for your panda obsessed friend or anyone else for that matter. And a reason for lots of laughs. It’s fun.

16. Panda Pattern Scarf

panda-scarfWomen love their scarves. They also make fine gifts for the right target.

A panda lover with a flair for new trends and who isn’t scared to take fashion risks will welcome this panda scarf with a wide-open neck.

You’ll find more options in colour available on the amazon page. Pick a colour you think they’ll like.

This one will go with whites. The grey one will go with everything.

Don’t gift these to those you’ve never seen wearing a scarf. It’ll likely never be used and rot in their closets.

Also, if they will instantly know they won’t be using it and dislike the gift. It’s all about the target recipient.

17. Funny Panda Mug

panda-wants-coffee-mugPreviously I said that mugs are out of fashion and you should not think about gifting mugs with the exception of ones that are creative and funny.

This one passes the test. It’s hilariously amusing and any lover of the panda will love to have it.

As long as they have a decent sense of humour and haven’t boycotted coffee this will make a fine gift.

For anyone who loves both pandas and coffee, it will have a double impact. The best targets for this gift.

18. Panda Teddy

ping-pandaSometimes you’ve got to go back to the basics. In simplicity lies the greatest mastery. The simplest gifts sometimes the most effective ones.

Teddy bears have been the undisputed favourites of teenage girls all over this planet. It’s a trend that’ll never go out.

They’re soft, cuddly and make great silent companions.

For those girls who prefer pandas over regular bears, this ping panda plush will make a fine gift.

19. Panda Face Wine Glass

panda-face-wine-glassHere’s something for the wine drinking panda fans so that they can enjoy their lovely wine with a bit of a twist.

This is ideal for young people but will make a charming gift for anyone. Who wouldn’t want to spice up their wine drinking habits with a bit of panda charm?

Don’t be giving these to people who don’t drink wine, gift them a cool coffee mug instead.

20. Panda Stuffed Bean Bag

panda-stuffed-toy-storageMultipurpose things make likeable gifts because they’re practical and solve more than one problem for the user.

All inventions are the outcome of someone trying to solve a problem. And if you gift them something that makes their lives easier, they’ll appreciate it.

This panda toy storage can be used to store things like a bag and can also be used as a bean bag for the kids to sit on. It also looks great so you don’t have to hide it in a closet.

Gift this if you have a kid who likes pandas or parents with panda loving kids.

21. Panda Lamp

panda-bear-3d-lampsWhat panda-themed gift list would be complete without a beautifying panda lamp with changing colours?

Gadgets, when they are novel, make amusing gifts because they’re fun to explore.

It’s also available in other animal themes like owl, dinosaur, tiger and more.

This lamp will make a fun, likeable gift for any panda loving kid or adult.

It’s a cool, flashy toy that people would love to own the moment they find out it exists.

22. Panda Drawstring Bag

panda-drawstring-bagDrawstring backpacks are handy and stylish. A design like this will impress anyone who thinks pandas are cute.

Things like these make safe gifts because there’s a good chance that your recipient will use it someday.

The colour design on this bag is attractive and anyone with a decent fashion sense will like it.

This one is ideal for students, especially those who like the lazy, furry, black and white bears.

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